Juan, mineral processing

For over 30 years, Juan has been carefully and patiently cleaning and processing the minerals we sell. He expertly cleans, polishes (if needed), sorts and grades our products and makes sure that the items come to the showroom look great for our customers.

Yolanda, Office Manager

As Office Manager, Yolanda wears many hats. From accounting to customer service to sales, she rarely has an idle moment, and prefers it that way. She knows the inner workings of the office inside and out, but she knows her minerals, too! She is always happy to assist our visitors.

James, warehouse worker extraordinaire

James is one of the newest additions to the JTI family, and he became a great asset to our team from the get-go. At well over six feet tall (We cropped his photo, as he was towering over the photographer!), James is a big guy who can handle brute-force work as well as intricate handling of the finest materials. A former EMT, James recently graduated from nursing school and passed his exams to become an RN. We know we won't have James forever, but we value him tremendously while he's here!

Felipe, mineral processing

Another long-time emplyee at JTI, Felipe processes minerals - a more complex job than most people are aware of - and handles most of the shipping for us. He assists customers and crew for anything needed and you can expect to be greeted with his wonderful smile.

Rosario, mineral processing, warehouse assistance, right-hand man

With over 30 years under his belt at JTI. Rosario does it all. He mans the forklift, processes minerals, assists at shows, and will do everything and anything to assist customers and crew. He also moves when you take his picture, so this image will eventually be replaced.

Rachel, Marketing and Media

Rachel joined the JTI staff in June 2016. Her experience with her own online business, working with minerals and crystals for another shop (our friends and customer who gave their blessing) and working for a well-known design business has given us a boost as we bring Jewel Tunnel to you through our new website, coming eCommerce division, and social media. She's responsible for most of the beautiful photos you see on our website and for reaching out to customers and potential customers to let them know we're online. Her skills in social media and her diligence in responding to all comments and queries is appreciated by JTI and our customers.

John, General Manager

Everyone who visits or orders from JTI knows John. He was the right-hand man for our founder, the late Rock H. Currier, who imparted his vast knowledge of minerals and the mineral business to John over the last 15 years. John has been the face of JTI at all of our shows, and assumed major responsibilities for them as seller and JTI's main buyer for the last several years of Rock's life. John manages every aspect of the warehouse, and is usually involved or consulted on other aspects of the business, as he, along with Yolanda, has a tremendous overview of what is essential for Jewel Tunnel Imports to thrive.

Steph, Business Manager

Steph came to JTI as Business Manager in January of this year, bringing with her over 40 years of business experience. This included working with Jewel Tunnel doing outside accounting for them for nearly 25 years, beginning in the early '80's. Coming to JTI felt to her like coming home. Steph concentrates on the many aspects of running the business end of JTI, but enjoys breaks from her computer and paperwork to help out with whatever is needed. She loves customer service. While she is learning (and studying!) more and more about minerals, Steph has absolutely mastered the phrase, "I don't know - I'll ask John."

Grace, Chief Organizer and Display Magician

Why the magic wand? It's because Grace has really worked her magic to make JTI look great! Those who have come to our shop for many years have seen our showroom and warehouse transform from the time she started here. Improvements are ongoing and Grace is a huge part of that.

Susan, Manager's Assistant

Susan is the go-to person whenever the managers come up with a new idea. She makes it happen with efficiency and her infectious smile. Susan helps Grace in keeping the showroom and warehouse clean, organized, and freshly stocked.